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Letter from the Chairman of P4P

Hello To all my dear Friends/Family/Colleagues

I take this moment to share with you all once again; that our annual Pins For Pauly Foundation bowlathon is upon us. All the info about the event is in the attached flyer.  Also shown on the flyer is our sponsor child (Marina), for this year. She is so beautiful!! 

As many of you know I've continued to keep the promise I made to a boy that was dying now 14 years ago, and that is to continue the fight against children's leukemia. Before Pauly said goodbye he made sure that I gave my word to him that I would never stop, and that is a promise that I will keep to the day I die. I need you all once again to look deep into your heart and even deeper into your pockets and give from your heart so that we can continue to support the children, our children, of our foundation. Every time I think about the day I had to say goodbye to Pauly, it brings a tear to my eye, and the pain comes back. But, each time that, that same thought comes into my mind, I remember him telling us before he left, that he was going to be all right and that we, were supposed to make sure that other children and their families,are going to be OK too. In fact, he said he would do it every year, and my God, he certainly does!  "The Angel that guides us will not let us fail.


Last year we had a record turnout and this year I expect to break that record. But the only way that this happens is because of people like you that never let these children down. I cannot tell you the joy in their eyes, the letters we receive, and the myriad of thank you's that come from the hearts of these families. It is because of you that they do not feel lost and that they know that there are people that care. The Pavlou family are the most wonderful people on this planet. They took the pain of the loss of a child and made that pain into a beacon of light and hope for most families that feel lost when something like this hits them. I am also the proudest man on the planet to be given the honor to be allowed and selected by Pauly, to be the chairman of this beautiful foundation, this labor of love.

I ask you all to please come and join our lovefest because at Pins For Pauly Foundation we are not just volunteers. At Pins For Pauly Foundation; WE ARE FAMILY!

That being said for those of you that have been with us since the beginning, you know what we're about! For those of you that are just coming on board now; Welcome!  And for those of you that have supported us for so many years and continue to do so, I thank you. And trust me, that thank you, comes from all the children and their families that you never get to meet, but are forever grateful. 

In closing, let me say thanks once again. Please contact me if you will attend, call our office, or just make a donation. I love you all. 

I know you won't let me down. MY KIDS NEED YOU!


Alexander Exarchou

Chairman P4P

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