How You Can Help

A child diagnosed with leukemia today has a 70% chance survival. This fact is only true if the child’s family has the financial means needed to provide proper care and treatment. Oftentimes money is the only obstacle for surviving. Your donation will help give these children a chance to live.

Donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a letter in the mail or via email acknowledging your donation.

Please click here if you wish to help by Donating.

We of course also welcome ALL, who wish to volunteer their time and love. If you would like to become voluteer for the Pins for Pauly Foundation you m ay contact us at: Pins For Pauly Foundation, 24 Kenny Avenue, Merrick, NY, 11566. Or call us at tel. 516-379-8885, or fax us at 516-378-6880.

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